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Dehydrated Apples!

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Dusted off my dehydrator and decided to dehydrate some apples! I’ve been slowly getting back to trying and learning various “homesteading” skills. I haven’t used my dehydrator since we made catnip last year. We are very busy with homeschooling and just having three kids, but I want to get back to some of these things I missed. I want my life to change in some ways. I miss the garden we had at the old farmhouse and we should be starting to finally build my new garden soon. I spent so many years focused on just having a live baby. It’s like waking up on a crisp fall morning. It feels good to be back at it and sharing these things with my kids. It’ll feel even better when apples are in season and we pick them ourselves.

To purchase this inexpensive dehydrator go here(affiliate link). Thanks for your support!

2 thoughts on “Dehydrated Apples!

  1. Since you are Homeschooling, and dehydrating apples, I thought about a really fun project for your little ones. They are called shrunken heads. To make a shrunken head, you peel an apple, carve a face into the apple, and dehydrate it. They are really fun as a Halloween project. 🙂 I adore apple chips. I think I may have an addiction to them because I eat them like most people eat popcorn or potato chips.

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