Welcome! My name is Heather. It’s taken me years, some heartache, and a few kids to figure out that I love growing my own food and sharing that with my family. My husband and I have been together nearly 15 years and will soon be welcoming our third boy and a rainbow baby. We also have a 5 year old and an 8 year old. We currently round out our menagerie with a golden retriever named Jack, two elderly cats, two adorable guinea pigs, and will eventually have a flock of chickens again.

My posts may vary. Life experiences do. We moved from an older farmhouse/moneypit to a custom built home further in the country. I’ve spent the better part of the last year on that move, moving past my depression brought on my our two losses, this current pregnancy, and just preparing to rebuild the things I loved about our last home. You’ll get to read about parenting related stuff, gardening, nature, pregnancy loss, rainbow baby joy, pets and someday farm animals, as well as follow me on my journey to make more things from scratch for our family.

I don’t claim to be a professional at any of the things I talk about and am very open to any tips and suggestions! Feel free to contact me at ahenandherchicks@gmail.com. I look forward to telling my story and hearing from you!