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Mom Needs a Little R&R

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I got my first overnight without any children(or husband) in over ten years! Woohoo! Sometimes you just need a little break. I went to stay with my mom overnight. It was a quick getaway, but it really hit the spot.

Her birthday is coming up and we’ve been wanting to do one of those paint and drink classes, but we didn’t like how late it was or the picture they were going to paint. We found a great YouTube channel called Painting With Jane.




I really love how she has her tutorials organized by level. My mom and I were really surprised by the process and how it came out. I got my mom this Liquitex kit to get started and will be ordering my own very soon to do one of these with my older boys. You can find an assortment of canvas here. We will definitely be doing this again in the future and incorporating some of her videos into art lessons for school.

I’m also looking for a great channel or even single video tutorials to give the kids and I lessons in how to use oil pastels. Hit me up if you have any suggestions and check out Jane’s channel.

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