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Learning About Pueblo Indians

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My oldest started learning about various Native American groups this week. I’m very, very new to this homeschooling thing, so hopefully we are doing this right. I started him on Khan Academy. After watching a video and reading an article there, I sent him over to Crow Canyon for some more reading.

To catch my 6 year old up, we watched a video on Pueblo Indians on youtube. According to this book, a first grader doesn’t really dive too deep into Native Americans or their cultures. Pshh. That’s silly. And I’m homeschooling more than one kid. We are going to blend some stuff together and just tailor some projects to each age.


We then got the clay out and tried out hand at making some pueblo style buildings. Seth(10) even added a portion of the building where they store food. We used bamboo skewers for the wooden support beams that you see on the buildings. Regular old craft paint was used to change the clay from white to brown, but only after the clay was left to dry for several days. The clay we used can be purchased here. The bamboo skewers here. Those come in handy for loads of things. I helped Liam(6) with his, but to be completely honest, all I did was roll clay snakes and trim the skewers for him. His is the one on the left. Seth(10) did his all on his own. 🙂

Finished painting it finally!

I am super proud of both of them for working so hard and so happy that Seth was adding additional things based on the reading he had done. Arts not usually his thing, but he worked really hard and stayed patient when he got frustrated.

Even the little guy got in on the claytastic fun. We have an excellent bag of clay tools that can be found here.


I’m currently looking around for a good recipe to make food similar to what the Pueblo people ate. Feel free to post anything tried and true in the comments below.

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