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Tadpole update 4/10/2018

These guys are getting huge!

Also, their numbers shrank.

We started with five. They were all VERY tiny. They must have been freshly hatched. Mortality rate can be pretty high with tadpoles and they will eat one another or their dead comrades.

The three that are left look great though.

You can more clearly see their features now. No legs just yet. The kids find the swirling intestines full of poo pretty interesting.

We borrowed a book from the library about the life cycle of frogs. If you can’t get to your library, and have an e-reader, you may be able to find e-books from your local library to borrow.

4 thoughts on “Tadpole update 4/10/2018

      1. I think I’m going to bring some inside this year for the kids. We used them when I was in first grade and as an intern teacher we used them in kindergarten to practice observations. My kids didn’t get this experience though at school. They did a lot of cool things, but not that. So I’m just gonna do it at home I think 🤗

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