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New stuff mixed with old stuff I planted.

Winter sucked, as it does, and this last one was no exception.

Not everything we planted survived.

Some things didn’t make it until winter. I’m looking at you Leyland Cypress that the bucks wanted to wrestle with during the rut. The cherry trees did ok and blossomed nicely.

They smelled amazing!

My lavender plants also died. They were planted on either side of the rosemary in the picture above. I pulled them and planted bulbs in their place. I trimmed up the rosemary too. It’s doing ok. The phlox that was planted there is really taking off without the lavender there though.

My butterfly bush is still barely holding on by one twig. I thought it was dead so I purchased a honeysuckle to replace it. Now I’m just trying to decide on a new home for the honeysuckle. I’m not ready to give up on the butterfly bush just yet.

My Russian Sage appears to be still holding on though, the cherries blossomed and now have beautiful green leaves, and all the Sedum has come up and looked gorgeous!

The sedum look ok. The russian sage looks trampled.

And then it rained really hard and the gutters that we haven’t gotten to overflowed. The sage got torn to pieces. The sedum took a beating as well, but held up better.

I bought a few new plants and put them in this year. I’m hoping now that my youngest is a year old that I’ll be able to better get a handle on everything around here.

I’ve got lettuce and tomatoes in containers on the backporch and herbs planted in the house. Even the little tangerines that I started from seed are looking great.

I credit this to me actually reading some of the many plant books I’ve been greedily buying from library sales and realizing that plants require feeding. I started my lettuce indoors with this grow light and these seedling heat mats.


Hopefully, my black thumb days are behind me and I can really start to work on some major homesteading skills.

What struggles have you had with your plants? What are you hoping to accomplish this coming year?

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