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The Spring That Wasn’t Spring

The calendar once told me it was spring.

I was so proud that I had patiently waited until “spring” to buy plants and put out container plants.

Then, several weeks into spring, the state of North Carolina decided it didn’t want it to be spring. Not all the way. So we got to all choke on disgusting amounts of pollen(if you’ve never visited NC and have allergies, I would hold on until any other season).

We got to enjoy our allergies with freezing weather.

Every other day.

I’m hearing lots of people have it far worse up north. At least that’s not us, but I didn’t move to the south so I could wear pants in April and begrudgingly bring my porch plants back in the house.

At least my cherry trees that we planted last fall look great. My lettuce doesn’t seem to mind the weather either.


It’s going to be hitting 80 next week.

Must not go plant crazy.

Must not go plant crazy.

Has the weather been messing with your spring plans?

What plants have or will you be starting? Has anyone gotten any spring chicks?

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