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Thrifting Haul

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Look at my thrift store haul! We had to get a tune up on the family wagon and we decided to thrift shop while we wait. This ended up being a great haul. Loads of this is relevant to homeschooling.

I did get a brand new puzzle and some craft supplies for me and a couple books that are just for fun for the kids, but we also got two pre-k wipe off workbooks, a grade 5-6 Science workbook(no writing in it), a grade 1 workbook(also no writing in it), 4 history related books, and an usborne spanish book.

My grand total for all this, including the abacus, was $20.80.

I looked up a few of the books on Amazon for a price comparison. These are all in like new condition as well. Here’s the links for reference. Most of these books cost me 50 cents each. A huge steal just on the board books.

My Very First Book of Shapes by Eric Carle(affiliate link)

My Very First Book of Words by Eric Carle(affiliate link)

The American Revoluton for Kids: A History with 21 Activities by Janis Herbert(affiliate link)

The Civil War: Life Back Home by Nancy-Jo Hereford(affiliate link)

The World of Little House(affiliate link) This particular book costs more than I paid for everything for the paperback version that I found.


It’s always exciting to find that someone may have done a homeschool supply dump.

Also, they threw the shopping bag in free since we bought so much stuff. Not pictured was the throw-able nerf ball thing we also purchased that is included in this haul.

Have you found any good hauls while thrifting for homeschool? Any tips on the best time of year to look?

3 thoughts on “Thrifting Haul

  1. Yes, I have been blessed with similar results shopping at a Goodwill Outlet where all the books are just dumped into large bins and you have to go on a treasure hunt. As my kids have become older, books have been more difficult to find. Great haul!

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  2. A local-to-us church has a thrift store and apparently, they have a large selection of homeschool curriculum (not specifically Christian or Secular) that they offer for sale. They had a sale this month/July. I love to do Dollar Tree hauls for supplies. On a separate note, I’m loving that abacus you bought!

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    1. I still can’t believe I found that abacus! It feels really well made and sturdy. The baby has already manhandled it lol I’ve had some good finds at the library sales too.


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