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First Day of Homeschool!

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We had our first day of homeschool!

We decided on a year round schedule with generous time off in fall and spring(When it’s not so terribly hot here in North Carolina). We also have worked in plenty of three day weekends.

We had our first day of first grade and fifth grade.

Not everyone was as excited as I was.

It didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped(one child was a bit under the weather and I’d been up with the baby half the night), but it went ok.

Day two and three went more smoothly. I had started with a planner, but we are also still trying to feel for what works and what doesn’t. Once I get a feel for where they are it’ll be easier to plan more than a week in advance. The link to the planner I use is here.

My favorite part was when my fifth grader, Seth, thanked me for the best day of school ever.

I’d decided I really enjoy using Khan Academy. It’s free and, once you figure out how to do the parent/teacher side, not too hard to use.

We are also using a combination of workbooks and apps to supplement everything else.

Pinterest is definitely my friend and I’m planning for next week to make things a little more interesting once we’ve just gotten used to the routine of actually doing something daily. Here is a link to my board.

We are using Duolingo for Spanish for Seth and I. Liam(first grade) is using a simple app on my ipad for Spanish, but I’m not super impressed with it, but he’s not old enough for Duolingo yet.

Seth is going to use Khan Academy to learn coding and is also doing Code Combat. He LOVES Code Combat. I found it worth the licensing fee for one child.

If anyone has any advice for free or cheap options for learning Spanish please share in the comments!

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