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Tadpole Update 5/10/2018

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Stubby legs!

And then there was one…

Unfortunately, we are down to only one tadpole. The mortality rates are pretty high among tadpoles. That’s why so many eggs are laid. There is also the possibility that we’ve done something wrong.

I did end up removing all the leaves after the first one died. There was a lot of stuff growing on everything. A bloom of some sort.  I was afraid the water quality was suffering despite the weekly 25% water changes.

After I cleaned the tank and pretty much did a 100% water change, we had one more die. The last one seems to be doing well and looks more like a frog(or toad since we don’t really know) each day. The two that did die also had legs come in that were bend funny. Maybe it was a genetic anomaly. We will never know.

This last guy seems to be changing very quickly now though. He doesn’t really swim or eat much anymore and his tail is disappearing quickly. The changes are drastic even after going to sleep.

The kids are sad at the losses, but we’ve used it as a learning tool and had some interesting conversations about death, the food chain, and the cycle of life.

We haven’t done any projects specifically with the tadpoles, but they’ve been great for just education conversation and visual observation.

Check below for a video of him/her breathing.

Will we do it again?

I don’t know. We don’t seem to have great luck with things that live in water. We never had much luck with our fish tanks either, no matter what care plan we seemed to follow.

Has anyone else had any, more positive, experiences with raising amphibians? I’d love to hear from you all in the comments below!

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