We Have Worms!

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It’s true.

We have worms. I finally decided to give vermicomposting another go. I still have my worm factory that I used at my previous house. Mine is an older version of the Worm Factory 360(affiliate).

I looks like they’ve made some minor changes since the previous model. They’ve redesigned the lid to make it more handy and it comes with tools that can help your worm farming ventures. We purchased our worms on amazon through Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. The worm link is not an affiliate link.

Since it had been a couple years since I had the worm farm running, I purchased the Worm Factory Refill kit (affiliate). I only used about 1/3 of the stuff to get started. You’ll also need a couple cups of garden dirt and newspaper(shredded and not) to get started. We also purchased a Worm Thermometer (affiliate) to keep track of the temperature in the bin. I figured we can use it on the big compost when that gets going as well.

The worms arrived a week earlier than expected. Luckily, I had received the refill kit the day before. My seven year old is the one to be in charge of the worms and we actually split their costs between us. Unfortunately, he was at my moms the week the worms arrived. I got them all set up myself, but we had been watching videos so he at least knew what the process was going to be.

Then, I made a rookie mistake and overfed the worms. We currently have a fruit fly problem. It’s on the back porch for now, but I’m hoping to move past the problem before it gets too warm in NC. I will probably make some sort of fruit fly trap to put near it this weekend, but we are under a tornado watch right now.

I’ve since read that it’s good practice to freeze the food for the worms for 24 hours before feeding it to them. This can kill any fruit fly eggs. I also make sure there was enough shredded paper in there to balance things out.

If anyone has any tips to offer about keeping the worms, comment below please!

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