Yellow Blanket of Death

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Eww pollen

My yearly foe, pollen, has arrived.


Spring would be perfect in the south if it wasn’t for the yellow death that is bestowed upon us yearly. I’ve live in Michigan and Florida, but there was never anything like the Pollening that happens in the south.

It’s on everything.

It’s in everything.

I’m so desperate for the nice weather that I’m opening my windows anyways. I’m cleaning all the time anyways. I might as well at least air the house out, right?

Hell yeah…

I finally have my raised bed setup and I’m trying to spend more and more time outside. I’m already taking allergy meds and have two kinds of nose sprays, but I decided to throw in this face mask(affiliate) to try to save myself from some of the pollenado that is NC right now. It’s cute, is comfy, and comes with filters. I plan on trying it out for hiking, cleaning, and working in the shop(for dust not fumes).

I forgot it on our hike today and I’m really regretting it, but I spent 3 hours messing with garden stuff the other day and it wasn’t too bad at all. Just the occasional glasses fog, but I believe that’s unavoidable unless I get Lasik. *someday*

Luckily, this pollen crap will blow over soon enough.

If you have any other tips, tricks, or you just want to commiserate with me over the hated yellow cloud, comment below!

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