Williamsburg, Virginia Trip Part 1

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Recently, we took our kids on a trip to visit Colonial Williamsburg for their Homeschool Days event. These run in the spring and fall. Homeschool families(with homeschool ID numbers or letters from the state proving your status) get the discount on tickets.

The first day we visited Colonial Williamsburg. There wasn’t a ton of activity outside. Most of the interesting stuff was inside the shops. There you could ask questions of the people running the shops. It was super cold outside that day as well. We managed to hit the apothecary, wig shop, and a government building before we got hungry for lunch.

By that time, there was a huge line at the only tavern open(it was the off season). We decided to leave to grab lunch. We do have a two year old in tow and this limits some of what we can do. I would LOVE to come back when he is older and more manageable and visit during the summertime.

Check back for part 2!

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