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The Who What 1-12-19

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This week I’ve decided to try to start a weekly post to share videos, podcasts, and books that we are currently using.

What are we listening to?

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids We were looking for a podcast for the car that didn’t have to be serial and wasn’t as hyper as some of the normal kid-focused media can be. This podcast has loads of great questions that are answered and is not only interesting for kids, but we adults have been digging it as well. Your kids can even record themselves asking the questions bugging them(with adult help) and send them in to be answered on the show. They are based in Vermont and also do live shows.

What are we reading?

Currently, I am reading The Wind in the Willows (affiliate link) by Kenneth Grahame to my middle child. He wasn’t sure he’d be interested, but now he’s begging to finish it. It’s a great classic to have on hand and has some very interesting animal characters.

What are we watching?

We are still learning about the early American colonies. History can be pretty dry and I’m looking for anything everything to make it more interesting.

This week we have started watching videos from youtuber MrZoller and from the Colonial Williamsburg website for educational resources.

Mr Zoller is a social studies teacher. His videos are video podcasts and will have the look of a slide show with him talking and teaching over the material. He asks you to pause every so often for student discussion. We found it pretty interesting and informative. He has various videos on history and social studies topics.

Colonial Williamsburg is known for its massive living history attractions and the people who portray the different roles of those from our past. This continues in their education resource library. There are so many videos and other educational tools available for just providing your email. We are using this to prepare for our trip there at the end of February. Not only are there adult volunteers, but kids also volunteer and try out the roles of children during colonial times. If you can’t visit Williamsburg, this is a great way to experience some of it.

Next week…

In the next week, I’m hoping to wrap up The Wind in the Willows and start a colonial choose your own adventure style book we found at the library. I’m also hoping to move forward toward the revolutionary war and find some good historical fiction for my fifth grader on that time period. I’m also hoping to look around a find a good history podcast geared toward kids.

What did you watch, read, or listen to this week? Comment below!

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