Busy January!

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Happy New Year!

It’s been off to a crazy start. We survived the holidays without going too crazy and even stayed relatively healthy. Honestly, this is a high achievement when you have three kids. You just never know what the littlest has licked or when the older two last washed their hands…

This year has started with a bang. I am co-leading our 4-h group with another mom. She’s the main leader, but I’m trying to supplement best I can with being mom to a toddler. If you’ve never heard of 4-h check out your local cooperative extension offices website. 4-h can be a great opportunity for your child(ren) to learn by doing. They offer many opportunities to try out various skill and that includes exposure to leadership roles. My older son has definitely enjoyed it and I just signed up my middle child. Enrollment is going on now.

Speaking of toddler, my youngest will be turning two in just a few short months. He’s finally speaking more and is just into everything. I never understood what people meant by “terrible twos” or how those pictures of kids covered in flour or paint happen. I apologize to all the parents that I prejudged. This kid is bananas. He’s lucky he’s so cute. I feel like this one is really going to test me, but at the same time he’s learning so much(good and bad) by watching his brothers that I hope I won’t have to push him to learn.

I just realized recently that we passed our 100th day of school. That’s usually a big milestone in public school and I’ve started seeing the threads going around about yearly testing. It’s required in my state (NC) that you test your children and keep it on file. It’s our first year and I feel a little worried. The kids seem to be doing great, but we’ve also been more relaxed than other homeschool families. I’m also undecided on what will be the best option as far as testing. I would like someone else to administer it. I don’t want it to just say they passed their current grade, but show me where they are in relation to other kids and where they have weaknesses that we can address. If anyone has any advice, please comment below!

Overall, I am feeling more confidant in this homeschooling thing. We switched to a different library(we are on a county line) that has waaaaaaay more resources, books, and activities. The friends that my kids have made also tend to go there. I’ve started using more resources from as well. I was able to make the starts of an awesome habitat science book for my first grader for the cost of printing the pages. I’ve also purchased items for my fifth grader there.

So how is everyone doing in their lives and with homeschool for 2019?

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