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Drying Rosemary

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My rosemary plant has become an enormous monster. I’ve decided to finally dry some out to use and possibly make some Christmas gifts with. It’s really dry in our house and that really helped to facilitate the drying process.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Cut the rosemary. I just used regular scissors to cut 12 inch lengths of the rosemary until my arms were loaded.
  2. Rinse the rosemary. I rinsed off all the sprigs of debris and bugs and then laid them to dry on several dish towels.
  3. Tie and hang. Next, I tied them in sets of 3 or 4 until they were all bundled. I hung them in my husbands office and left them for about two weeks. You’ll need to leave them longer if it is more humid where you are. When the needles fall off it’s ready.
  4. Harvest and store. Lastly, I harvested the needles from the sprigs. This was the most fun portion and it smelled amazing! I can’t believe I filled the jar.

I’m so excited to employ this same process next year after I planted a bunch more herbs. I was able to use some of the first, smaller batch that I had dried on our Thanksgiving turkey this year. It was so satisfying to provide something for ourselves and to also show our children how to do this.

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