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Little Bits of Fun and Learning

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I haven’t been posting much, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy.

We are technically on our first “break” during the homeschool calendar I came up with. I actually didn’t realize it until we were already a week in. Oops! I don’t use the homeschool planner super often so it just kinda slipped by me. We also just try to do something everything that’s learning.


We made sure to do some art in honor of the calendar saying it’s Fall. Or at least October. I also got to get out the awesome and very FREE easel I found at our recycle center. I let Owen “paint” with water. He’s very serious about it.


My older boys have been working on getting better with their chores, snap circuits, Seth is doing 4-H and cooking several times a week now. We’ve also managed to plant some flowers and bushes outside together as well.

We also finally played Dungeons and Dragons and being the DM wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. It’s all the planning leading up to it that’s all the work. If you’re looking into trying out DND there are lots of free resources online. You can find some at my Pinterest. You can also get the Starter Set or the Player’s Handbook. I made an assignment out of writing the character backstories and drawing pictures of the characters. Kids can also try their hands at drawing their own maps and getting creative about inventing their own worlds. DND doesn’t have to just be about battling foes, but creatively working together.

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