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We Finally Camped…Sorta

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We FINALLY went camping.

Sort of.

After rescheduling due to Hurricane Florence, the flooding after, the raining after, and just being unable to coordinate things, we finally went.

It lasted one night.

I’m not positive it was the Denny’s we ate on the way, but it really might have been. I spent that evening with horrible diarrhea and puking. And Aunt Flo had arrived. And it was hotter than expected. Then my oldest got diarrhea. And then I set my car alarm off at 1 in the morning looking for antacids.

After that, my little one would no longer sleep in the pack n play and insisted on being attached to my boob.


So, in conclusion, I had a wonderful time.

*cue crazy person laughter*

Luckily, this just means that our next attempt should be that much better.

It wasn’t all bad though. I feel like my camp bed was great once I felt well enough to lay down. I will definitely bring my body pillow next time. I usually use two pillows under my head, but this bed comes with an inflatable pillow that you can adjust and since it’s attached it won’t slide away.

The pack n play we’ve had for awhile has worked great for lots of trips. It worked for about half the night until the car alarm scared my kid, but worked extremely well the next morning to keep him contained while we packed everything back up. He’s almost 19 months old and is into everything and was trying super hard to eat all the mushrooms.

The baby sleep sack I got was a huge hit and I have no doubt it’ll keep him warm when it finally decides to get cold here in NC.

The older boys enjoyed the freedom of walking in the woods and trying to build a lean to. They did do a fair amount of fighting, but I think if we had stayed another night that would have fizzled out as well.

This campground happened to have nice bathrooms, showers, and a playground. I am so, so, so, so grateful for this. My children are pretty young yet and not ready to really rough it.

We will probably be trying to camp in our own backyard next time. Everyone really goes camping for the joy of waking in the morning outside and enjoying the fire. We can do that here just fine and if someone is sick, it’s easier to deal with.

Who else has a camping with kids horror story?

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