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When Life Gives You Storms…

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When life gives you storms, you might as well turn it into an upcoming lesson on weather and hurricanes since you won’t be camping as previously schedule. Also, thanks a lot Florence.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. My six year old has finally settles into our routine and is starting to really enjoy homeschooling. My oldest has been thriving with it. He is now in 4-H and has chosen to learn how to cook. His first choice was chickens, but we won’t have the coop ready till next spring. He made his first meal tonight out of the curriculum book and is just beaming at his successful chili.

My husbands stepmom also passed away in the last couple weeks. They were not very close, but we did just visit that side of the family a few months ago. My oldest remembers it clearly and did sometimes write Oma. It his him harder than it did my six year old who had slept on the couch with a fever that entire visit. So we have been dealing with the ups and downs of emotions in the family. I believe my ten year old is starting the very early stages of puberty as well. So that’s been fun. I always wanted a ten year old teenager….NOT!

And then my husbands brand new car is already in the shop. We are awaiting official estimates still, but it will be more than 2k. He waited months to get this car and it’s only a couple weeks old. This is why we save though. I’m looking into getting better at meal planning, making freezer meals, and just cutting out some things that I wasn’t using much to offset the costs.

Things could be worse though. I feel like we are finally finding our rhythm and getting comfortable with what homeschooling is and can be versus public school and what we are told learning should be. It’s been amazing watching them begin to blossom and help one another learn.

Now to prepare for the possibility of the hurricane coming our way. Shouldn’t be too bad since I already had all my camping stuff out anyways…

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