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I Must Be Crazy….

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Because I just made reservations to go camping next month with all three kids. I’ve only been camping once since the youngest was born and I’ve never taken him.

I’m excited and terrified.

My mom will be with me. Husband will be home working, but he can watch our horde of animals.

We’re just trying to plan to survive this one. It’s only three nights a couple hours from home. I want to get used to camping again and used to doing it more with the kids. My ultimate goal is to take a big road trip with lots of camping stops to see more of this country.

The only things I’ve added is a camping mat for me to sleep on so we can leave one of my moms giant blow up beds home and a portable highchair. The portable highchair was cheaper that a camping highchair and will give him a place to eat/sit/let us eat and can be used for picnics at the park or even visiting either Grandma who both live an hour away.

Owen already loves the highchair. He’s been practicing sitting in it since we got it. It also comes with straps if you want to attach it to a chair or bench. He was pretty into the camping mat too, which felt comfy enough for me, but was definitely not interested in laying on it with me.

I’ll be sure to have a pack n play with me and a sheet to throw on top to keep bugs/leaves/some sun off, a new cozy sleep sack for the cooler nights, and sooooooooooooo many snacks.

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