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Bedtime Poetry Reads

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We took a cue from Brave Writer and decided to do a poetry read with some tasty blueberry scones. I managed to get all three kids to sit on a blanket and listen as I read through some of Where the Sidewalk Ends. The kids really enjoyed it all and it turned out to be a great family evening activity. My oldest even read a few poems to the family.

My heart is so full you guys!

This was a great end to our first week homeschooling. There were ups and downs, but I feel like we’ve made an amazing choice for our family. We haven’t purchased Brave Writer just yet, but I’m pretty sure we will be adding that into our homeschool mix.

I can’t wait to see how next week goes!



3 thoughts on “Bedtime Poetry Reads

  1. This made my heart happy. Thank you, for reading a printed book to your kids. You are helping to prevent the end of printed Literature. 😁 Also, that was one of my favorite books as a child. I still have my very tattered copy on one of my bookshelves. I took it everywhere and read it repeatedly. I am in awe that you managed to get a toddler to sit still for that long, let alone boys. 😯😯You must be a magical creature 🦄😂 it’s the only logical explanation. A Light in the Attic is another by Shel Silverstein and Revolting Rhymes is by Ronald Dahl (You have boys. They will love Dahl’s poetry 😁 ) As a fellow homeschoolers, I salute you for introducing poetry at an early age.

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    1. To be fair, the toddler only stayed for 5 minutes. Lol he ran out of treat. When everyone else runs out of printed literature it can be found at my house. I have a book buying problem 😂😂curse those library sales!


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