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We Survived Our Road Trip!!!

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We did it.


It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but it definitely wasn’t without hiccups.

The day before we left was really the beginning. My youngest started getting the last of his first molars. He was also running a fever and wouldn’t eat solids. By the time we left, he had already been up every hour with the teething and fever and nursing constantly for comfort and sustenance.

Thank goodness my husband did the driving. I was exhausted before we even left. Plus, there was all the planning and packing that I handled as well.

He finally seemed on the mend after the two day drive to Michigan and even started eating more solids without protest. He even only woke up like 3 times at night.

By the time we had our first round of family visits my middle child had come down with the fever. It seems to also have involved a bloated tummy and sore throat. No wonder the baby was so upset…

By the time we set off for the second half of our Michigan, we thought that we were past all the illness. Then I started to feel funky. Not too horrible and I didn’t get a sore throat. Whatever. Then my husband felt crappy.

We were able to enjoy more family visits and a great visit at a little lakeside cottage near Ludington, MI before my oldest came down with the high fever. I was really freaked out at first. He had spend all day swimming in a cold lake and was suddenly running a high fever and way out of it. Then he was complaining about his throat.

Both older boys played so hard that they practically passed out at the dinner table. He ran a fever on and off and didn’t eat much for two days. It’s been about four days now and he’s mostly normal, but his throat is still on the mend.

We were only gone 8 days total. As we arrived home on that last day, I realized that my sweet little toddler was running a fever again.

I forgot to add that we all got diarrhea from a Taco Bell. My husband swears it must be all of the illnesses, but we all got that diarrhea within 2-3 hours of eating there…

Anyways, we returned yesterday and had a feverish toddler who had diarrhea still and barfed all over the floor. He’s thankfully fine today.

Hell of a trip though. I must be crazy for already planning the next family trip.

Looking forward to starting homeschooling next month!

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