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Summer Reading!

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Summer is here! Or here enough. We live in North Carolina and it’s quite hot already. Plus, school is out. Hooray for summer.

Both my kids brought home amazing report cards. We were most surprised with how much of a leap my middle child did for reading and comprehension. We want to keep the ball rolling and are going to start a summer reading log with rewards along the way.

Liam is 6.5. He will be working on reading independently and he said he wants to work up to being able to read chapter books. For encouragement, he will receive something special(yet to be determined) for every 10 books he finishes. We will keep track on a log sheet, the sticker sheet from the library, and make a construction paper ring for each book he reads and decorate his room with them. I think it will be a really cool way for him to see his accomplishment AND I will have him write the book title and author on each one. That counts for writing, right? I’m hoping by the middle of the next school year he will be able to read a Geronimo Stilton book mostly by himself. I’ve been trying to steer him on easy readers to get started, but he’s been mostly interested in trying to read chapter books.

Seth is almost 10. We will be doing his a bit different since he needs to read larger books. I’ll keep the reading log and we will do the library sticker sheet(they award prizes at the library), but I don’t believe he will be doing the book chain. I’ll probably do a prize for every 5 books he reads since he reads larger books, but does still read very fast. He’s really into the Warriors series right now and I’ll be coordinating library trips and ebooks. I’ll also be looking into other series to steer him towards. He’s already read Harry Potter, The Hunger Games , and The Animorphs series multiple times. He’s a rising 5th grader, but reads at a higher level. Feel free to comment some suggestions. He loves living history stuff too and has read most of the I Survived books as well.

What do you do to keep summer reading alive in your house? What kind of rewards have you seen help keep your children motivated? Where do you like to get your book lists from?

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