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Busy Book

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I got around to making a quick busy book for my youngest. He’s about 14 months old now and I’m hoping this will help distract him in the car. He will only have it when I’m sitting next to him and can supervise though, in case he tries to remove the buttons with his teeth.

It’s not perfect, but it’s done before our trip to Michigan and Owen seems to like it. I hand sewed the buttons, but tried to use my machine where I could.

After doing this project, I can’t say I particularly enjoy felt. I’d like to make more complicated busy books for him, but using anything other than felt.

I included a buckle and a zipper. He’s not quite to where he can manage the buckle yet, but it’ll give him a challenge and hopefully distract him from the fact that he’s in the car seat for so long. He loves the zipper page, but mostly tries to eat it.

I tried to make the last page just something different to run his fingers over. For the next book, I’d like to come up with a theme for the whole book. He’s so little yet that he hasn’t developed favorites beyond “macaroni is life” and “boobs are better than my cup of milk” so I’ll need to think about what direction to go in for the book.

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