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Unexpected Sewing Lesson

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We had an unexpected sewing lesson this weekend. My oldest went to stay at Grandma’s house and my middle child, Liam, wanted to sew something.


We decided to crank out a quick pillow in some scrap I had laying around. He did so well! He was very patient and even asked a few questions. We just kept the machine on the slowest speed. I thought about getting the pedal out, but he can’t reach the ground with his feet and I was afraid he’d slam his foot to the ground and wreck his piece.

Since this was a first project and my goal was to catch his interest, I didn’t push him to do anything that he was unsure of and I measured everything out for him. For our next project, I would like to create a list of steps and guide him through them, but I will still be available to help when needed.

He is soooooo proud of himself! He is already asking to make something else. This little pillow is more of a doll size pillow, but I’m going to put some thought into his next project. I want it to be some he can make quickly, but actually use.

If anyone has any ideas throw them in the comments. 🙂

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