Plant Update: May 2018

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Time for a plant update!

We have been busy between birthdays, holidays, finishing up public school, finishing up the fence, and planting things.

There’s also been the ever present teething, illness(by the time you have 3 kids you’re just in a constant state of getting over something or coming down with something), and all the regular household goings on. Congrats to my youngest on his first molar. Looks like the other three are jealous and trying to come this week as well. *sobs quietly*

I know what the calendar says, but it’s pretty much summer in NC now. A pleasant day would be the mid-70’s, but most often it’s high 70’s/80’s and very humid. It’s also tick season and we’ve been seeing those little buggers crawling on the newly finished fence. We will be treating the fenced in area shortly at least. I can just imagine the ticks shaking their horrible little legs at me in anger.


I did manage to do a small patch of landscaping out front. I make no claims to be good at gardening or landscaping, but I think it came out okay. When I put my plants in now I put this plant food (affiliate link) and these water storing crystals (affiliate link) into the hole for each plant. I started doing this last year and my new plants do so much better.

I also went around and added fertilizer spikes(affiliate link) to all the trees and shrubs we plants. I wish I had done this last year. They are just exploding now. And I added these smaller indoor plant fertilizer spikes(affiliate link) to all of my indoor plants.


And I have some teeny, tiny tomatoes!


I also placed my herbs outside. My two little tangerine plants will be going out tomorrow as soon as I clean up the porch area some. My lettuce has succumbed to the heat and my children digging for a frog in it. I’ll be replacing those with something else soon. My tomatoes are growing great though. I’ll be fertilizing the outdoor porch plants tomorrow with the same plant food(affiliate link) I used on the landscaping.

Sad clematis on the left and equally sad honeysuckle on the right.

And finally, I put my honeysuckle in the ground that I’d gotten more than a month ago. It was in the ground for two days and the deer came and munched it a little, but not too much. I need to figure out a way to deter the deer. These flowers are planted right behind a giant picture window, but in from of the septic area I’m trying to not see from my window. My goal is to make it look stunning and bring birds and butterflies to the area. I’d love that, if we sell it someday, the first impression is something better than seeing the septic lids.

If anyone has any suggestions about the deer throw them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Plant Update: May 2018

  1. Our tomatoes are starting to come in as well but the other day I noticed a couple missing and some leaves with holes. I used my husband’s mosquito netting to cover the planter and now the leaves are coming back along with tomato flowers, so hopefully we will have tomatoes this year. The people up north where we have our little red house have problems with deer and elk. They wrap chicken wire around their trees and plants. It is like each plant or tree has its own little yard. The wire has to be pretty tall because the elk can still get to them if it’s too short. Hope that helps.

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