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Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

In the time honored tradition of mom-brain, I decided to post about it late. To be fair, I was busy celebrating this weekend. My family did a good job making the weekend great despite little one teething with molars, having a runny nose/fever, nursing constantly, and we all got sore throats.


We made some beautiful memories at the beach.


It was pretty awesome.

And we got to visit the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. We haven’t been there in like 5 years and they have expanded. It was pretty neat. They have robot dinosaurs now. The little loved the water reflections on the floor.

The older kids were very much into the touch tank and this educational/play area for turtle rescues.

It cost nothing to go because we have a zoo membership.

Hooray for saving money!

We also visited Fort Macon State Park. It was a unique learning opportunity for us and the kids. We’ve never been to a fort and, as we move forward with homeschooling, I want to start taking the kids to see various historical sites.

I had no idea of the extensive history of this particular site. The architecture was very beautiful. The best part was that the kids were actually interested.

I highly recommend watching the video in their theater about the history of the fort.

Anyways, we had some sun and fun and it was overall a great weekend.

As is the tradition of most moms, I am still cleaning and putting things away from the trip days later. I’m almost finished. Just some sand in my van.

BTW… this thing is awesome for the beach- Foldable Picnic Blanket

Did you do anything special that day?

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