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Game Recommendations- Timeline

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Looking super excited before the race.

Hey all! It’s been a crazy week what with tummy bugs, unpacking from camping(I put that off too long), and 5k races at the school my boys currently attend.

Before we left for camping I had purchased two versions of a game called timeline. For some reason, I thought we would spend loads of time playing games while camping.


I don’t know what I was thinking.

Anyways, we finally got around to trying Timeline out. I’ve been trying to expand the learning type games we have in our collection. I haven’t had loads of luck with finding too many games at thrift shops that aren’t the classics and I’ve started poking around Amazon in my search.

Timeline is a series of games that can be played in about 15 minutes with 2 to 8 players. They seem to generally be 8 and up. I played with my 6.5 year old and almost 10 year old. The biggest thing that struck me was the size the game. The tin it comes in is very small and the cards are itty bitty, but very good quality. It’s perfect for throwing in your bag and taking somewhere.

The first one we tried out was Timeline: Discoveries. I thought this one might be the easiest for my 6 year old to try to play. He’s almost finished with Kindergarten and is still working on reading words and larger numbers. It’s surprising how much we all didn’t know, but it was great to see how much my older son had picked up from watching Cosmos. We had actually done a quick search on Youtube to see the game played. Once we got going it was very easy. I think all in all the hardest part was shuffling those little things.


The next one we tried was Timeline: American History My oldest thought he would dominate this game with learning some of American History in school this year. He was surprised at how much he didn’t know, but was begging for round after round. My kids love playing games, but my oldest DOES NOT beg to play games that he isn’t winning. I’m just floored by this. And it wasn’t his competitive nature that was getting the better of him, but just the thirst for knowledge.

Overall, these games are awesome. I’m checking out the other Timeline games, but won’t endorse anything I haven’t actually played yet. You can also mix and match these cards from different sets to create an even more challenging game. The artwork is beautiful as well.

My favorite part is how this game has brought up some really good discussions about what something is, was, how it happened, etc. My 6 year old isn’t getting as much out of it yet, but definitely a game series for the 8 and up crowd. It’s even fun to play as an adult.

What are your favorite educational games to play?

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