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Tadpole Update 5/5/2018

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Our tadpoles have been steadily growing!

It seems like it’s taken awhile, but they finally have teeny tiny back legs!

We thought it was poop…whoops!

I had to remove the leaves they had. They do provide tannens in the water that can be beneficial, but they were rotting and white stuff started growing on them. If the tadpoles were eating on them I would have left them, but I was nervous that this would become a problem if I left them.

We change about 25% of the water weekly to maintain health for the tadpoles. They seem happy for the most part. Or as happy as little creatures who can’t smile can look. So far I’ve been more interested than the kids, but I’m sure now that they are changing the kids will want to check them out more. We will see.

Anyone else raising tadpoles and have any tips?

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