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New Dinnertime Routine

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We’ve recently changed up our dinnertime routine. I usually have dinner ready for us to eat as soon as my husband gets home.

In the past, we’ve both looked at our phones and essentially ignored each other and the kids.

Sure, we are all at the table and the TV isn’t on, but this really wasn’t much better.

We’ve started playing a game. It’s worked well to do right before the kids have their quiet, before bed reading time.

We choose a category and take turns going through each letter of the alphabet and naming a thing from that category with that letter. Like I had A, my husband B, etc.

We started it after a trip to the zoo the other day. It was a great way to keep the older kids from looking at and laughing at everything my youngest does while eating. It was a great way to learn that not many animals star with Q.

We’ve expanded it and kept going. It’s sparked some interesting talks about different subjects and it’s a game we can take on the road with us.

What games do you play with your kids that can be played anywhere?

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