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The Great Spring Clean 2018: Part 2

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And on to Part 2 in this epic cleaning saga.

We last left off with me throwing away and donating an embarrassing amount of things that our family has accumulated over the years.

I wish we were done there, but now I needed to organize what was left.

This is NOT a strong skill of mine. Or my husbands.

We realized it was unfair to expect the kids to just know how to organize their rooms and keep them clean. They didn’t have a good system in place. We will be rebuilding their beds this summer as well and I’ve wanted to get rid of their dressers to make more rooms in their play area.

I started with L’s(my middle child) room. He had a smaller dresser and I assumed less clothes.


After donating an entire bags worth of clothes that were too small, and throwing away another that were just beyond even being play clothes, we were able to get to work on setting up cubes in his closet. I figured this would be an easier way for him to have access to all of his stuff easily and he had been learning to read enough to be able to manage simple words on the cubes. Removing the dresser also gave him more room for a small desk and an organizer for his art supplies.


You can get a cube organizer here or visit any local department store. Just make sure you get the right size cube drawers to fit your organizer of choice.

Next, I started on S’s(oldest child) room. His did not look as bad on the outside. He mostly doesn’t put things away. Then I opened his closet and found a ridiculous amount of cardboard and a bunch of dirty clothes. Barf.

Anyways, I purchased a closet organizing system for his closet and a mini cube shelf organizer. Follow the links to find both, or visit your local department or even hardware store to find these items. Again, make sure the drawers you purchase are the correct size. I screwed up here. I decided to keep them anyways and allow my son to store other things in the cube shelves. It worked out pretty well. We’ve nearly emptied his dresser. We still have to go through the top two drawers of just stuff he’s been throwing in there, but his clothes are now pretty well organized.


We only ended up using half of the organizing system in his room. I put the other half in L’s closet. It worked out perfectly!


And O’s room (little guy) wasn’t too bad off so he helped any way he could.

He is just ridiculously cute!

Whew. That was about a weeks worth of work on and off. It’s sooo much better. The kids have started to clean their rooms without being told and when they are told it’s much less of a fight than it has been in the past.

Let’s hope this lasts!

What has really changed the way you organize your stuff?

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