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Teaching With Tadpoles

A few months ago, my youngest son received some money for his birthday. He was born at the beginning of December. I usually make him wait till after the holidays to spend any of it. I just never know what people are going to get him.

When he finally did spend it, he chose to buy a tadpole grow kit from Josh’s Frogs. I linked the website in the name. I do not received anything for doing so. I decided this would be a great learning opportunity and we can release them when we are finished.

North Carolina has finally decided to stop screwing around with the weather and warm up a bit. We decided to head out on this first day of spring break to try our luck at finding some frog eggs or tadpoles.

We have had the tank set up and water ready for a week. Then it snowed. Then we all got sick again. Then it rained. *sigh*

We headed to a local park with a fishing pond. Luckily, my oldest has eagle eyes. I missed the little guys completely. With a few tries we managed to snag five of them. We were hoping for twelve, but I planned poorly and only brought one container. We should have had a net or at the very least a second container.

They are sitting happily in their new tank and eating stuff off the leaves that are in there so far. I’ll provide updates on the little tadpoles as they get bigger and I find ways to make their life cycle really fun to teach.

Is anyone else doing tadpoles this year?

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