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The Fair is Coming!

Fair? It’s not fair season, right?

Okay, not state or count fair season, but the Mother Earth News Fair is coming to Asheville, NC and I have my tickets and parking pass! It looks like it’s going to be bigger than the one I went to two years ago. We skipped last year because the baby wasn’t even two months old yet. I won’t be doing any workshops this go round, but I’m super excited to go and see the various exhibits on display. My mom and my two older sons will also be attending and we will be camping that weekend.

Things I’m most excited to see:

*Animals- any and all. They had some beautiful heritage breeds last time.

*Beekeeping- I’d like to get into beekeeping in the next few years and I’d love to see what is available and how to get started.

*Chicken keeping- I’ll be wanting to get back into having chickens at the end of next year, but I’m always interested in new(or old) ways to keep chickens.

*Kombucha- I want to start making my own kombucha soon. I’d love to pick someones brain or get advice on getting started.

*Gardening- anything in this category.

It’s a great opportunity to learn some things and help local businesses.

Hope to see lots of people there!

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