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Coughing and Sneezing


We are ALL sick again.

I thought we were past this, but I guess this cold/flu season has decided we needed one last hoorah. And I’m so over it. I’m a pro at this snot catching thing at this point, but I am just done.

I’m looking forward to when we homeschool next year and we can all just relax and sleep in when we are all sick. My son was home the other day, but I can’t keep him home all week just because he is tired and coughing. Same goes for my middle child who has been coughing on and off with different bugs since November. In fact, I’m pretty sure someone has been sick in this house since at least October.

We need sunshine, warmth, open windows, and for my kids to stop sneezing on us and wash their hands better.

Despite my sore throat I have managed to get some lettuce transplanted outside, weed in the front, and we had a birthday party for my tiniest guy.

He’s one. Just gonna go wipe all this crap that is suddenly in my eyes.

Hopefully, we are all better by Saturday. It’s my birthday. I was sooooo sick on my birthday last year that I almost ended up in the hospital for dehydration, but was terrified to bring my newborn that I was nursing. Fingers crossed I’m healthier this year and get to actually enjoy my day watching my husband work on my requested fence. Possibly even catch some tadpoles for the kids.

Stayed tuned for updates this week on what I’m growing, what I’m planning, and if I’m in bed cursing my children’s hygienic habits.

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