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Frugal Findings!

We’ve been making a big push to get our spending under control this year. It hasn’t been too crazy, but we aren’t saving a whole lot every month and eventually we would like to have a bigger piece of property.

I’ve also recently decided to give homeschooling a go for the next school year. We have three kids. They are 1, 6, and almost 10.

As you can imagine, homeschooling costs more than public school. At least it seemed that way till I added up everything we spent on pictures(can do at home), lunches(better options for making fresh than packing), gas for carpool(busing was horrible), and all of the million fundraisers. And that’s besides school supplies for the kids and all the extras we would purchase for the teachers year round.

I’ve started hitting thrift stores to find some of the books on the fifth grade reading list as well as more games to play together and hit the jackpot at one of the local thrift stores. I got a ton of chapter books as well as some games and even a couple curriculum reference books. Heck, I even scored a pair of jeans for the 6 year old. Anyone who has boys knows how hard it is to come by nice, used clothing for them.

This all got me thinking about what we would have done when growing up(we were quite poor for awhile) and I’m ashamed to say I had forgotten about the library as a source. Ours has physical books, ebooks, movies, and documentaries. They’ve also got book clubs and classes. It might take a little planning to get some of the books for lessons that I want to use, but I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before.

It was still a productive visit to the thrift store and I’ll be seeing what I can scrounge up at the giant consignment sale this week, but I’m excited to be getting back into the proper mindset to save money.

If anyone else has any tips/tricks for saving money while homeschooling comment below!

2 thoughts on “Frugal Findings!

  1. Not sure if you already have or wish to use a curriculum but CKLA is free to download. You could use it for your 6 year old. (It is what we use in Guilford County, NC for K-2.) The skills strand is phonics/writing/grammar and the Listening and Learning has stories with comprehension questions.

    I used to home school and loved it, good luck on your journey! 🙂

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