OK. So I’m finally back for real this time.

It’s been a really rough year. Our rainbow baby has been amazing. He also sleeps like crap. He’s finally been in his own room for a couple months and we are finally getting a break between all the illnesses that we’ve caught! Now if cold, flu, and stomach bug season can just take a hike…

I wish that was all that’s been keeping me down. I’ve also struggled with back problems and stomach problems for years. Physical therapy helped my back loads! I tried going to the chiropractor first, but some adjustments were leaving me barely able to move. I finally saw a back doctor who did some x-rays and it turns out I have a fracture at the base of my spine, probably from childhood, that all those pregnancy hormones can aggravate. Many people with the condition may not even know they have it unless they are pregnant and their hormones stretch things a bit. I can see how being pregnant five times AND not really getting back into shape in between has been quite detrimental. I started physical therapy and it’s like it’s hardly there.

And then I moved onto addressing the stomach problems. I’ve had consistent side pains since this last baby. It didn’t feel like kidney stones(they are as bad as everyone says) and there is a history of gallstones in my family. I had scans done and all they revealed were a very healthy gallbladder, liver, and minor stones in my right kidney that I probably can’t even feel. I’m taking an acid reducer on the off chance that the pain is actually an ulcer in my duodenum until I get called about my referral to the GI doc. Thankfully, I’ve been seeing tons of relief.

Between the baby sleeping more and my side/back pains being alleviated….I’m a new person. It’s amazing how less depressed you can feel about the world when you’re not living in constant pain. I didn’t realize how bad it was.

So, in the coming weeks I’m hoping to get back on the blog wagon and write about all the things we’ve been doing. You will have sprouts, a rainbow and last baby turning into a toddler, my baby steps into exploring homeschooling, and probably a million other things. My brain just doesn’t stop now that I’m not just trying to survive the next hour or day. I regret this last year has been so painful, but I’m just so excited to be free of it!

Stay tuned.

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