Garden · Kids

I’m a MOMMY again!!!

And by that I mean my praying mantis egg cases have hatched! Haha no more human kids for this lady. We bought a two pack for about $12 at the local feed store. They said that each one has anywhere between 50-200 nymphs. They each hatched about a week apart from each other. Luckily, I caught them shortly after hatching so I could release them before they started to cannibalize each other. I released them right on my patio with all my little garden plants and still see them hopping around from time to time. It was such a cool experience for the kids. I let them release the second round (they were interested for the first ones) and they were both on the porch letting them crawl all over them. We had a few that hitched a ride in that we had to catch and throw back outside. 

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