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Spring is in the air!!!


It might still be February, but it sure feels like spring in North Carolina! This is totally messing with my 34 weeks pregnant nesting instinct. I want to plant, dig, weed, and bring loads of chicks home, but I can’t do much of that just yet.

I’m working on setting up a grow light indoors to try to get a start on some lettuce since some of our temps are dipping kinda low at night still and I would love some fresh veggies. Anything I get from the store seems to go bad in a day right now and it’s so frustrating. Salads, and veggies in general, are a huge part of my diet with the pregnancy and having gestational diabetes. At least if I can’t cheat and splurge on sushi and chocolate cake, I’d like my lettuce to be crisp and not wilty or slimy.

I’m hoping it will provide some extra noms for the guinea pigs as well as a great learning opportunity for my boys. It’s been hard to do a whole lot with L(5) and S(8) when their youngest brother(O) has a nasty habit of squashing my bladder and causing me pain when I walk. They’re such active boys, but gardening has been one area we can really bond over. S prefers planting flowers and L wants to plant anything he can eat later.

We tried growing without a grow light, but our little shoots are long, skinny, and sad looking. I just got the grow light and I’m giving them a couple days to see if they improve before we scrap them and start over.

The plan is to eventually transplant most of the items to pots for the back deck. Hopefully, by the fall, we will be planting in the big garden. For the time being that project is on hold until the hubs finishes building the changing table and crib and until I finish incubating our little rainbow.

Check back soon as I start updating on how having a grow light is working out for our various little starts!

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